JVP access floor system


Discover who choosed our flooring system

In the global village that is today’s world market, JVP challenges its skills and capabilities daily.
From Europe to the Far East, from the Americas to Australia, from the Middle East to India, JVP product installations seek to respect the common uses of the system, aiming to provide total customer satisfaction.
Each geographical area has its own special needs in the use of raised floors: climatic conditions, mechanical performance, fire safety, noise reduction and energy saving are perhaps the most important.
JVP seeks an appropriate response to the local demands and designer’s needs by evaluating the specific characteristics and proposing the systems that best meet them.

Concepts are worth more when they become tangible realities

Maranello • Italy

Milano • Italy

Oderzo • Italy

Padova • Italy

Losanna • Switzerland

Calgary • Canada

Mosca • Russia

Bruxelles • Belgium

Londra • Great Britain

Barcellona • Spain

Sydney • Australia

Minsk • Belarus