POR ERDF 2014-2020 Action 3.1.1 – “Aid for investments in machinery, plant and intangible assets, and assistance for business reorganisation and restructuring processes – Manufacturing Sector.”


JVP is a leader in the production of raised technical floors, a product that responds effectively to the growing needs of the construction industry, in particular the increasing complexity and quantity of networks present in buildings, through the creation of a space between the screed and the treaded floor.

Raised flooring saves space, allowing an overall reduction in building height and costs, cutting building construction time, making buildings available for use more quickly than traditional construction systems. It also reduces maintenance thanks to the availability of a wide range of self-laying finishes.

To satisfy the demands of increasingly demanding end customers, who want speed in managing the contract and lower tolerances, the company has embarked on a path aimed at introducing innovative production processes through the purchase of technologically innovative machinery and its insertion in the production line. This direction also takes advantage of the opportunity offered by technological developments reducing operating costs, and improving occupational safety and environmental performance.

The goods covered by the project proposal approved by the Veneto Region are:

    • an automatic corner-lock drilling machine for the encapsulated raised floor panels and moulds for the formation of the capsule. The system has increased production capacity considerably in order to respond to the rise in customer demand for pre-perforated panels;
    • a pantograph aerial platform equipped with a lifting system that improves and speeds up aerial work, optimising palletising and increasing safety. In this specific case, it will automate palletisation, i.e., stacking goods on pallets, a fundamental operation to make best use of space and prevent accidents.
    • an uninterruptible power supply unit on the production line for short blackouts and/or brownouts preventing damage to the systems’ electronic components and downtime.

JVP SRL received €88,500.00 from the Veneto Region through the POR FESR 2014-2020 fund. This financial support allowed JVP to meet the project objectives quickly.